Hi, my name is Ken Wu
I'm a Student, Developer, and Problem Solver.

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I'm a student at Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo studying Computer Science and Business Administration, and I am passionate about programming. I have experience in Python, ML, and several data-related libraries. I also know some front-end developing tools, including Angular and Typescript. I am considering going into Web3 Development, Defi, Data Engineering, or Quantitative Finance. I'm always curious to learn more, don't hesitate to contact me if you have any fun projects.

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Animal Crossing and Doom Classifier

In this project, I created a deep learning model to classify images to be animal crossing or doom related. This model probably doesn't have any real world usage, but it's fun, so yeah. The dataset can be found here.

London Bike Usage Regressor

In this project, I created a regression model predicitng the number of bike rented duirng a specific hour in London through information including temperature, wind speed, time, humidity, holiday, weather code and season. This model will produce a numerical output predicint how many bikes will be rented so the bike providers can distribute these bikes more wisely for maximum profit and usage. The dataset can be found here.

Facial Recognition Attendance Taker

This is the code I wrote/edited for my computer science IA. The goal of this project is to use a raspberry pi to automatically scan students' faces and keep a running record of the names of the students entering the classroom on time, tardy and absent. Ultimately, sending the list of students to the teacher for attendance. The faces used in this project are not real students due to the violation of GDPR, therefore, this. kaggle celebrity face dataset is used.


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